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David Harbaugh has once again written a well crafted song in "BABY YOU'RE GONE" that will touch the hearts of anyone who has gone through the loss of love. "BABY YOU'RE GONE" is something all of us can relate to at one time or another in our lives. 

David's songs are written in the style of most great country songs, they come from real life experiences. You for sure will be singing the Chorus over and over. 

He also brought in some of his regular heavyweight industry musicians to make this song another great tune.
Proudcer: Kosta Lois, Guitarist & Bassist: Kevin Haaland, Drummer: Robin Diaz ( his credits include - Daughtry, Courtney Love, Candlebox, Sessions on Keith Urban tracks and many more...) Background Vocals: Brian Brigham ( Brian is one the Four Season of Frankie Valli's group)

Together with David Harbaugh they consitently put out great tracks sure to be a hit with all country fans.

I hope you all enjoy this new song and download and stream "BABY YOU'RE GONE" 

David Harbaugh hit country song Baby You're Gone